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Pilates Bar Set

Pilates Bar Set

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30lb and 50lb Resistance Bands

Whether you're just beginning your fitness journey or aiming to intensify your workouts, our dual resistance bands cater to your every need. The 30lb band provides moderate resistance ideal for toning and flexibility exercises, while the 50lb band challenges your muscles, fostering strength and endurance, making it a perfect choice for progressive training.

Adjustable Bands, Good for Women of Any Height

Our 2-point adjustable resistance bands effortlessly adapt to fit women of all heights. This ensures optimal form and alignment during exercises, maximizing the benefits of your workouts while minimizing the risk of injury.

Comfortable Foot Pad

Comfort meets functionality. Our thoughtfully designed foot pad ensures your feet remain snug and pain-free, even during the most rigorous exercises. This enhanced comfort translates to longer, more productive workouts, allowing you to reach your fitness goals faster.

Carry Bag to Fit All Items

Stay committed to your fitness routine, even on the go. Our convenient carry bag, tailored to fit all components of the Pilates Bar Kit, ensures you never miss a workout. Whether you're traveling, heading to a friend's place, or simply wish to exercise outdoors, your portable fitness companion is just a bag away.


Elevate your home fitness regime with the versatile Athenova Pilates Bar Kit—a must haves in portable workout equipment. Specially designed for women, this kit stands out as a pivotal piece of womens workout equipment. Tailored for a complete home gym, it's perfect for those who cherish multifunctional home gym solutions. The set boasts a durable bar paired with pilates resistance bands, ensuring a dynamic pilates workout set. With 4 resistance bands (30lb and 50lb pairs), this pilates bar kit with resistance bands promises a full body workout, targeting areas from the core to the hips. Whether you're focusing on booty bands for women butt lift exercises, arm workout for women flabby arms, or even a comprehensive leg machine exercise, this kit has got you covered. Say goodbye to crowded gyms and hello to the convenience of working out with high-quality home workout equipment weights. Perfect for exercises from squats to glute workouts and everything in between, make the Athenova Pilates Bar Kit a staple in your home fitness equipment collection today!

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