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Gym Essential Set

Gym Essential Set

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All built with high-quality materials. Designed for maximum safety & effectiveness.


High-Quality Ankle Strap for Cable Machine

Elevate your leg and glute workouts with our premium ankle strap. Designed with the fitness-conscious woman in mind, this neoprene&leather ankle strap ensures a snug fit without pinching, allowing you to focus solely on your exercises. Ideal for cable machines, it optimizes your lower body exercises by providing a stable and secure grip, ensuring targeted muscle engagement every time.

Soft Foam Barbell Pad

Say goodbye to discomfort during squats and lunges. Our soft foam barbell pad distributes weight evenly across your shoulders, reducing strain and protecting your neck. Its high-density foam material ensures it won't flatten under pressure, offering you optimal cushioning and support. This means you can lift heavier and push further, while always staying comfortable.

Hip Resistance Band

Activate, strengthen, and tone your glutes and thighs with our hip resistance band. Crafted for durability and optimum resistance, this band intensifies your workouts by engaging muscles more effectively than traditional exercises. Whether you're warming up or diving into an intense session, this band is your perfect partner for booty-building and leg toning.

Carry Bag to Fit All Items

Mobility meets organization. Our sleek carry bag is the ideal companion to store and transport your gym essentials. Designed with convenience in mind, it effortlessly fits all your workout accessories, ensuring they're always at your fingertips. Lightweight yet durable, it's perfect for the gym-goer on the move, making every workout session seamless and hassle-free.

Designed specifically for the empowered fitness-conscious woman, the Athenova Gym Essentials Women Set is your comprehensive solution to elevate your workouts. Embrace top-tier weight lifting accessories: a barbell cushion tailored for precise squats, ensuring protection with its squat bar cushion pad design. The hip thruster pad ensures peak performance during weightlifting sessions. Ankle straps, perfect for cable machines, bring convenience in attaching resistance bands or cable kickback straps, ensuring you can ace those leg workouts effortlessly. Store all your gym necessities, from barbell pads to women's workout equipment, in the included carry bag. Ideal for everything from Smith Machines to home gym routines, this set promises quality, safety, and the enhancement of your gym essentials. Dive into a gym experience where pink exercise equipment meets functionality. Make every squat count, safeguard your spine, and let these women gym accessories be the trusted companions on your strength-building journey.

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