About Athenova™

In my fitness journey, I saw most weightlifting brands catering primarily to men, sidelining women who sought genuine strength - We were left with limited options that either adhered to unrealistic beauty standards or celebrated unhealthy bodies. This drove me to create Athenova, not just as a brand but as a movement. Through Athenova, I wish to empower women to embrace their true potential.

- S.K. Founder, Athenova™

Pilates Bar Kit

Specially designed for women, this kit stands out as a pivotal piece of womens workout equipment. Tailored for a complete home gym, it's perfect for those who cherish multifunctional home gym solutions. The set boasts a durable bar paired with pilates resistance bands, ensuring a dynamic pilates workout set. With 4 resistance bands (30lb and 50lb pairs), this pilates bar kit with resistance bands promises a full body workout, targeting areas from the core to the hips.


Gym Essential Set

Embrace top-tier weight lifting accessories: a barbell cushion tailored for precise squats, ensuring protection with its squat bar cushion pad design. The hip thruster pad ensures peak performance during weightlifting sessions. Ankle straps, perfect for cable machines, bring convenience in attaching resistance bands or cable kickback straps, ensuring you can ace those leg workouts effortlessly.


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